Creation Fest Tour

I took the youth group to Creation Fest (The Tour) tonight. It was a 5 hour rock concert. Yes you read that right 5 hours. We got there at around 3:30. The doors opened at 5:00. (we were the first ones in the door so we got to sit up front). The pre-show bands started at 5:30. There was a speaker for about 20 minutes at around 8:30, and then we were finished with the whole thing at 10:20. All in all we saw 8 bands, or was it 9, they all start running together.

Anyway, my neck hurts and my feet hurt and my ears are ringing. I am getting way too old!

One thing that I noticed is that teenagers at a Christian concert need to be told what to do. They can sort of dance around a bit on their own, but they really need someone on stage telling them to “get their hands up, get their hands up” or to “JUMP” before they really get into it. I don’t know if that is a universal thing or just a teenage Christian concert thing because those are the only concerts that I go to.


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