Creative Arts Festival

I spent yesterday and today with some key leaders at a Creative Arts Festival in Columbus, GA. It was a cool place to learn some new ideas and to hear how others were worshiping creatively. The really cool part was pulling aside some student leaders and getting a chance to talk to them as leaders and not as a part of a larger group. We just took one van load, it was so amazing. As much as I like taking lots of people places it is cool to have everyone in the same vehicle.

I really learned way too much to mention here. As I have been moving towards some of the ancient/future worship stuff I have really been out of the loop for drama and creative movement and some of the more performance based worship stuff. It was cool to see how those groups are evolving. One thing I did learn is that a conference full of creative people get a little crazy after spending all day in classrooms listening to people talk. They all start to go stir crazy and want to share. The remarkable thing is how much being around creative people spark new ideas. I don’t get many chances like this and it was really neat.

The coolest thing for me was getting to brainstorm with my student leaders about what we were doing right and wrong in our ministry and how they could be a part of what we are doing next. One of the students when we were talking about having ministry teams said, "Yeah, and we could call them every week and make sure they were going to be there." I played it cool, but I almost cried right there. It was so amazing to see them come up with the right things to do on their own.

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