Creative Christmas Ideas

Can you believe that we are already past October and moving on towards Christmas. Now is the time to start planning your Christmas worship gatherings. Normally we do a candlelight thing around Christmas time and I am planning to continue that tradition, but we will be right in the middle of our storytelling series so I don’t exactly know how we are going to incorporate all of those elements. The good thing is that the whole Bible sort of points towards Jesus so wherever we are at the time we should be able to tie it into the Christmas story.

But I was wondering about your plans. Have you thought about Christmas yet. Anyone have an idea they have used in the past or one they want to try out this year and want some feedback about it. Add your comments to this post and we will talk through them together.

One thought on “Creative Christmas Ideas

  • November 13, 2009 at 10:58 AM

    What I like about chrismas is offering presents to people I love, and get THE thing they need and I know they’re gonna love! I think the impro is the best way!


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