Creative Prayer in the Real World

This weekend (while I was on vacation with my lovely wife) my proof copy of the Creative Prayers Student edition came in the mail. It was cool to see it in print. I am very impressed with the quality. This may sound strange, but it actually looks like a real book. The covers are glossy and the page size (something that I stressed over for quite some time) feels right for the type of book that it is.

There are some problems with it too. There were some formatting issues that I just couldn’t see until I held a copy in my hand, but I am pretty sure that those will be fixed this week. So it looks like we are still on track for a Friday release.

Just as a reminder I am selling personalized versions of this prayer journal for anyone willing to order 25 copies or more. This is for anyone who would like to add some of your own churches prayer focus to this journal. It would be a great way to prepare for a mission trip, a revival, a new pastor, or any other major even in the life of your church or youth group. I will also personalize the cover for you by adding your church name and logo if you would like. If you are interested send me an email and I will talk to you about the details.  

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