So I told you I was excited that our art team was making a video for church on Sunday. It was a silly little video with the students lip syncing to "Don’t Worry Be Happy." It wasn’t high art or anything, but it was cool to have a video in the service, especially one using our students.

But in the editing process I noticed that it felt a little like a modern Saturday Night Live sketch: it just went about 30 seconds longer than the joke. I trimmed it as best I could, but it still felt long. I wasn’t super excited about the final result (my cheap camera combined with bad lighting made it look dim) but I was excited about the drama team being a part of the service.

Well in the first service it totally bombed. I promise there were crickets like in cartoons when someone is dying on stage. I warned the guys in the video that it could be rough and got ready for the second service. The second service went much better. It helped that the parents of the students were in the service and that one mom didn’t know that they were going to be in something so she was surprised. It wasn’t a roaring hit by any means, but it was a positive thing.

Now I have the bug and I want to do something every week. I am already trying out ideas for next Sunday.

I don’t know if you want to see it or not, but I put the video up below.



7 thoughts on “Crickets

  1. Chris Hansen says:

    Hello, Your Worst Nightmare. I’m Chris Hansen, with Dateline on NBC……

  2. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Is there a joke I am missing here?

  3. Your Worst Nightmare says:


  4. Andy Crouch says:


    Chris Hansen has done a number of 20/20 -style shows on NBC about sexual predators who target children. Does that clear things up a bit?

  5. The Average Youth Minister says:

    Do people actually watch those shows? I mean any "news" program where the anchor starts talking in that Daily-Show-Correspondant-you-should-be-afraid-because-I -am-talking-this-way" voice I just turn the channel. I didn’t think I was alone. Of course I can’t fathom why anyone would want to watch stars dance either so what do I know.

  6. Andy Crouch says:

    You should really check out one of his specials sometime, expecially with you being a youth pastor of kids with MySpace pages. These guys that he catches seem so normal, so unassuming. It’s pretty scary.

  7. Andrew says:


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