This Wednesday I had one of those activities that scares me. All day long I wanted God to tell me not to do it, but instead I felt like it was something we should do. The overarching theme of last week was the metaphor of dance. I talked about how you can’t dance and be inhibited. Dance, to really dance and not just move, requires you to let go and give yourself over to them music. It also means that you can’t worry about what other people are thinking about you. Only when you are willing to let go and forget about the opinions of others can you really dance. (at least when you are a bad dancer like me that is)

I compared dancing to what it takes to live for God. We were talking about letting God use us to change our friends’ lives. I said that like dancing we needed to let go and forget about what others thought about us and simply listen to God and follow him.

Now here is were it got a little crazy. In the middle of this lesson I had everyone get up and find a place to be sort of alone. Then I played a song (Our Love is Loud by David Crowder: Fast, but with a bit of a groove too) and I asked the students to dance. I said that it was important that they didn’t talk, or laugh, or even really look at other people. This wasn’t let’s see what we are going to do together time, this was just a time each person to worship God.

As they were dancing I asked them to pray, "God, let me be this free to tell my friends about you."

When we were finished (I turned my back to the students an danced so I don’t know how many people where participating) I asked who had simply stood still and refused to dance. Several people raised their hands. Then I said, if you aren’t willing to forget about yourself and what others think about you in this place, where you are being encouraged to spaz out and everyone around you is doing it to, then how can you expect to be real and actually reach out to your friends with the love of God.

Then I said to those people who danced. That same energy and reckless abandon that you applied to dancing you should be applying to reaching out to your friends with God’s love. It isn’t about inviting them to church, it is about being Jesus in front of their eyes.

All in all it was a cool little activity. I was terrified, but it worked out. Now I can’t wait to do it in "big church."

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