Dart Wars Revisited

Wow! I am exhausted. It has been a long week. I have eaten more junk food than I have in the past few years put together. Tonight we played a collection of games with Nerf guns. Of course the problem is the same as always, "I shot you! No you didn’t" played out about a thousand times.

One of the things that I have found to be true about youth is that in one big way they are still like children. They don’t understand when they are getting tired. My students always ask why we can’t keep playing all night, but what they don’t see is that after about 2 hours everyone is getting tired and cranky and there are more arguments than actual shots being fired. If you are doing your own Dart Wars I would suggest no more than 3 hours of time planned. That way you can take a break in the middle for snacks and such and a short lesson. 

I also learned that you can tell a teenage boy to start cleaning up, and he will look around the room at a dozen empty cups and dirty plates and look at you and honestly say, "Clean up what?" I really wanted to kill a few of them. The own-little-worldness of teenagers sometimes makes me rethink my whole line of work. If I had some other marketable skills I might actually give it some real thought.  

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