Deadline is Done, Man!

I have spent the last 10 weeks working on a writing assignment. It is officially over and I am too overjoyed for words. We are jumping back into storytelling the Bible with our youth with a look at the New Testament so expect more thoughts about storytelling in the future.

But I hope to come up with even more cool stuff for the folks very soon. Before I started this past assignment I was working on the first series. Now that I have time I hope to have it finished in the very near future. The series is “Gross, Weird, True” and takes a look at some weird stuff in the Bible and why it matters to us. When finished it will contain message slides, small group questions, a complete game system (that uses the games from NBC’s Minute to Win It), and a countdown timer for the game.

So I know it seems like has been a little neglected lately; but don’t worry, new things are coming soon.

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