Deadline Looming

Sorry about the lack of weekend updates. My first deadline is upon me. Add to that people staying at our house, cars that just won’t seem to stay fixed, a sick son, and now a sick me and well I just didn’t feel like writing anything.

But here is a quick idea from Wednesday night.

Drawing Prayer Confidence (Psalm 86)

  • Pass out paper and drawing material to students
  • Instruct students to divide their paper into three sections
  • Have them draw in the first section a picture that describes who God is or some of the big things that he has done (his “works” as it were)  
  • In the second section tell students to draw a picture representation of God’s desire to interact with people. (I know that is long, but what I said was that the Sistine chapel was a good example of that with God reaching out to touch Adam’s hand. Another good idea would be a cross which is the ultimate symbol of God proving that he wants to reach out to us)
  • In the final sections students should draw a picture that represents something God did directly for them. For instance God if God was there for you when your friends left you a picture of you alone but smiling might work.
  • After students are finished tell them that they have just drawn a picture of how we can pray confidently. God is powerful; we can see his power all around us. God is willing to interact with people, and God has also done great things for you. At times when we think that God isn’t responding it will help us to remember who God is and what he has done for us in the past.  

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