Deadlines and Finishing Books

I just finished Philip Yancey’s book Prayer today and I have to say that it is a book I would heartily recommend. I love Yancey’s books because he isn’t afraid to look at an issue from multiple sides. He also isn’t afraid to simply embrace the mystery sometimes. I don’t do well with answers that seem to wrap God up in a nice little box. Part of the wonder of God is that He is undefined and undefineable.

I am also in the final days of my LifeWay assignment. It feels good to be close to the end, but I am struggling to get things finished. But this is the lesson that I have been looking forward to the most so I am at least enjoying the work.

My life has been sort of dominated by the study of prayer lately and if I had to pick one thing that I learned it would be this. Your prayers are a shield for your friends. Well, actually your prayers aren’t a shield because it is God’s power and not yours, but in some unexplainable way your prayers can help unlock God’s power on behalf of your friends. 

I have always known to pray for people when they were struggling, but I have learned that I should be praying for them in the good times too. I should be praying for the purity, protection, and purpose of my friends. I have learned that when my knees are on the ground their names should be on my lips.

Now I just have to come up with a little bit more organized was of doing it so that I can stick with the habit, but that will come after deadline.  

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