If you understood what BOCTAOE meant when I put it in a comment the other day you may already have read this. For those of you who haven’t found THE DILBERT BLOG yet you need to check it out. It is normally witty and fun, but today goes beyond that. Scott talks about a rare condition that he has that makes it hard for him to speak to people. He speaks of feeling like a ghost because he can’t be heard.

As I was reading I was drawn into his story mainly because I know that there are tons of people around me right now who feel like ghosts, who feel like no one is listening, no matter how well they speak. Part of our role as Christians is to listen to those who feel like they don’t have a voice. Sometimes one of the biggest ways we can help people is to simply let them be heard.  

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  • March 10, 2006 at 11:18 PM

    Wasn’t there another post here earlier?


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