Discipleship 101

My pastor and I have been talking about our church discipleship program (which right now is non-existent). We were looking around and there are good books for people who are established Christians and who know how to have a quiet time and how to “do” the discipleship thing. There are also good books for people who have just become Christians and who need to know some quick basic stuff.

But there are no books for the people who have been in church for 4 years but who still don’t know how to read the Bible. What I mean by that is there is no real good curriculum that moves people beyond “so you’re a Christian now” to growing in discipleship.  

So what I wanted to know was what am I missing. What do you use in your church for your discipleship program? How do you help new Christians transition into your church? How do you help people from other faiths figure out about what you believe? And the big one, how do you help move people from just coming to Sunday school to being disciples?


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