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Lately I have been on a quest to get better group discussion and participation from my students. Tonight I am trying out a new game that I thought I would share. It is called Discussion Question Paper Wads. It is basically just a different take on the classic idea of reading questions from a “would you rather” book. But instead of just reading questions I printed them out on individual sheets of paper and wadded them into paper balls.

The students will be seated around the circle and I a plan to have them throw the paper wads at each other for a while until I say stop. Then I will choose one student to open up their wad of paper and answer the question on that piece of paper. I may ask a few more people the same question or just go back to the game.

Then we will start throwing paper again until I stop and repeat the process again. I hope that it will be a nice combination of action and discussion, but who knows, it may just be chaos. If you want to play too you can click the link above for the pdf of my discussion questions. I think there are 22 of them. I just printed out multiple copies so that I would be sure to have enough paper wads to make a fun game.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Question Paper Wads

  • February 10, 2011 at 5:13 AM

    The game went pretty good tonight. It has all of the elements that you want in a good youth group game, easy to explain, a possible lesson, and a slight change that someone gets hurt. We only read a few questions, so when we were finished students were opening up their paper wads and wanting to answer some more. And that is the key when playing a game with your youth, always stop right before things get boring.

  • June 27, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Wow! Thanks for such a great idea! I will try to use it in our camp this weekend. I added some more questions (25 total). Can`t wait to see how it will work out…


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