Divine Connections

Last night I was up at the church getting some work done so I could go on a hospital visit today. After I finished the first half of my set up I had this desire to get something to drink and just wander around Wal-Mart. (I didn’t really have anything I needed, but I have my eye on a radio controlled helicopter to torment Nathan with.)

As it turns out I bumped into another youth pastor here in town and we had a long conversation there in the isle at Wally-World. It really hit me then how much not having a winter retreat and not hanging out with my youth pastor friends hurt me this year. This guy and I didn’t really say much of anything, but I still came away feeling better. All in all it just felt like a little present from God.

On a side note this youth pastor who is 24 and has a one year old was in high school in Eufaula when I started working here. I am officially an old man.  

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