Don’t Take it Personally

That is what I keep telling myself tonight, and for the most part I believe it.

In case I haven’t talked about it much our church is in a transitional period. Tomorrow we are electing our pastor search committee and so I thought it would be a good idea to have a prayer vigil tonight. My thinking was that it would be important to seek God’s face before we thought about who would represent us to seek a pastor.

So some of the youth helped me set up a full on station worship type thing. (I will have it posted here soon.) But in the end only 9 people showed up to pray.

I keep telling myself that there were lots of reasons why people didn’t want to come. I keep telling myself that it doesn’t mean that they aren’t praying for our church. I keep telling myself that the youth who came to help clean up was cool even if they were playing video games instead of coming to pray. 

I keep telling myself not to take it personally, and for the most part I believe it.


But on the good side I got very nice chance to relax and remove myself from the distractions of the world and such tonight. It was a good time for me. I prayed. I worshiped, and I even thought up the idea for our next youth series. In the end I wish more people would have taken advantage of the prayer space, but it was a nice night for me.

And sarcasm aside I really am not all that concerned with how few people came. It does make me wonder if this church and I are no longer on the same page and maybe that means it is time for me to start looking at other options. But I am not going to bed upset or anything. I know that I was doing the right thing tonight. That helps me sleep more than anything.

One thought on “Don’t Take it Personally

  • March 17, 2008 at 4:16 PM

    We’ve been there. God will show you if it’s time to go, just be listening. Things can get yucky if you don’t leave when God tells you to. BTDT. We were just too stupid and maybe prideful to leave when it was time– we kept thinking we had more to do.



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