2 Character Skits

All of these are ideas that I have used in various ministries over the years. I hope that these will help you to spread the message of Christ around the world. Everything here is free of charge. If you find anything you can use and would like to support Nailscars.com you can donate using the link in the top bar.


God was beginning to move in our church and people were getting content. We wanted to use this skit to encourage people to take the next step of faith, even if it wasn’t practical and trust that God has even more planned for us. He did not bring us out this far to take us back again. He brought us out to lead us into the promise land


This sketch begins like a traditional reading, but as one of the actors reads the Christmas story the other begins to read from Isaiah 53. The two begin discussing what Christmas is all about and the skit ends with the them reading the two passages together.


I don’t know if there is a more overdone skit than someone praying with a “god-voice” being read from offstage. I hate to add to the pile, but I like this skit. Someone emailed me looking for a skit about creation or about divorce, I can’t really remember. But this skit is the result. It uses Genesis 1 as an overlay to a young girls prayer. As the girl prays for a miracle the verses remind her that God’s miracles are all around us.


Of course if you have a tumor on your heart you will want to get it cut out. This skit depicts a doctor telling someone that they don’t need the surgery, just a shot for the pain. We used this skit to talk about how the church has watered down the gospel and said that people don’t need Jesus they only need to come to church.


My Favorite Skit! This is a funny skits that talks about giving over the controls of your life to God. It uses the idea of a kid playing a video game to point out how we should let God be in charge.


A humorous and serious skit that point people toward salvation. The plot is two guys watching Sports Center get into a conversation about Jesus. Additional Material: This also deals with the affect of an abortion on the father.


This is a funny skit that uses the relationship of a girl and her boyfriend to mirror the silly way that some of us interact with God. Possible points: need for quiet time, need for Bible reading, etc.


Alright this skit really just works as a discussion started for building Christian friendships. You may not find it helpful, but I just love the “A Few Good Men” reference.




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  • Melody Nowak

    Christmas Jesus vs Easter Jesus is not available, there is some security issue. Please check it out and fix it. these are great resources!

  • Shane Yancey

    Sorry, for some reason these are jumping to an old link. If you will use the dropdown menu at the top of the page and select each skit you will be able to find what you are looking for and I will work on fixing these links.

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