The “Relationship”

Setting: Two girls sitting in chairs holding phones. You can do little things to make it look like their bedrooms or you can just have folding chairs.

Spiritual Idea: No one would think that Maggie has a real relationship since she has never actually had a conversation with the boy. But many people don’t have a problem having a “relationship” with God without ever talking to Him. This is a good skit to use to introduce the idea of quiet times or bible reading.

Angie: Hello? Is Maggie there?

Maggie: Angie!

Both: (Squeal)

Maggie: What are you doing calling me long distance?

Angie: I am spending all of my allowance on this call, but it has been way too long since I talked to you

Maggie: I know it has been over a month. Why did you have to move away?

Angie: Who can ever understand parents, but let’s not go through all of that again. I want to know about your life.

Maggie: Well, (pause) I’ve got a boyfriend!

Both: (Squeal)

Angie: Oh my goodness, no way! Who is it?

Maggie: Troy Johnson.

Angie: No way!

Maggie: Way!

Angie: I can’t believe you are with Troy Johnson! He is so fine.

Maggie: I know. I pinch myself everyday just to see if I am dreaming.

Angie: So how long have you two been going out?

Maggie: 4 whole weeks.

Angie Wow! That’s a new record for you.

Maggie: I know I really think he is the one.

Both: (squeal)

Angie: I never really knew him, what is he like.

Maggie: Well he has brown hair, and blue eyes, and a perfect chin

Angie: (Interrupting) I know all of that, but what kind of person is he?

Maggie: That’s what I was trying to tell you. (continues with her description) He is tall, and he has a 3 pack.

Angie: Don’t you mean a 6 pack

Maggie: Well he isn’t that well built yet. So he only has half a 6 pack. (continues with herdescription) and he always wears the most in style clothes, and his hair. I could look at his hair for hours.

Angie: All you are doing is telling me what he looks like. I want to know what his personality is like.

Maggie : Huh?

Angie: You know. What does he like? What does he do for fun? Does he make you laugh? Is he real serious? What do you guys talk about when you hang out? That sort of stuff.

Maggie: I don’t really know any of that stuff. He likes sports I guess because he is on the football team, and I’ve heard him laughing with his friends a few times so I guess he likes to laugh.

Angie: You guess! You’ve been with this guy for 4 weeks and you don’t know anything about him! What do you guys talk about?

Maggie: Well, we’ve only really talked one time.

Angie: What?

Maggie: Well, he came up and asked me out one day in the hall, and that was the last time we talked.

Angie: So how do you know you are still going out?

Maggie: ‘Cause he hasn’t broken up with me.

Angie : So you have no contact with this guy and you think he is THE ONE?

Maggie : I haven’t had any contact with him? I call and leave messages on his answering machine, and I write him a letter almost every day.

Angie: And you call that contact?

Maggie: I also hang out with a lot of other people who know him. We talk about him and stuff.

Angie: But don’t you realize that you don’t have a relationship.

Maggie: Of course we do. I am his girlfriend.

Angie: But that’s just a title unless you actually talk to him

Maggie: Well all I know is that I have a boyfriend and you don’t. Moving to Alaska sure has made you jealous.

Angie: I’m not jealous! I’m just being reasonable.

Maggie: Well a real friend wouldn’t be reasonable they would just be supportive

Angie: Well I’m sorry I called then.

Maggie: Yeah! I’m sorry too.

One thought on “The “Relationship”

  • July 29, 2021 at 1:02 PM

    I think this is a good skit to show how folk treat God.. We just assume He “owes” us something and never “call” Him and thank Him, much less praise Him.


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