Sat, June 19, 2021

Weak and Flabby Friendships

Setting: Debbie is trying to make herself better. She has decided to work on her body, her mind, and her talents all at the same time. When the skit opens she is running in place while reading a book in her right hand and playing the piano in her left hand. Alex enters and begins the conversation.

Deb: (Reading from book) Always use possessives when using a gerund. (Looks up from book) What’s a gerund? (Goes back to studying, running and playing. Alex enters from stage left)

Alex: Hey Deb, what ‘cha doing?

Deb: Can’t you see what I am doing? I’m trying to improve myself?

Alex: I’m sorry, to me it just looks like your having some sort of episode

Deb: ( Stops running, puts down book and looks at Alex) For your information, I have was trying to improve my mind and my body.

Alex: So what’s with the piano?

Deb: I’m trying to improve my playing too.

Alex: If you don’t mind me asking, why are you doing all of this?

Deb: Can’t a girl just want to better herself?

Alex: Sure she can, but you wouldn’t be in such a hurry if it were just to better yourself. What’s really going on?

Deb: Ok, so you want the truth, huh?

Alex: I think I’m entitled to it.

Deb: (Yells) You can’t handle the truth! (Pause) Sorry, I just fell into an “A Few Good Men” zone there. I guess I’m doing all of this because I don’t think I’m a very good person.

Alex: What?

Deb: Yeah, I must not be a very good person, because I keep messing up my friendships. Haven’t you noticed that my friends keep knifing me in the back?

Alex: Well it would seem to me that the problem is with your friendships not with you.

Deb: What do you mean?

Alex: Well it sounds to me like you have Weak and Flabby friendships not Weak and Flabby biceps. (squeezes Deb’s bicep)

Deb: I still don’t get what you are saying

Alex: What I’m saying is that instead of making a fool of yourself trying to make yourself into something else. Why not work to make your friendships strong Christian ones?

Deb: I don’t know any Friendship exercises. Besides, if I went and told my friends that we needed to work on our relationship they wouldn’t be my friends.

Alex: You don’t know that for sure, and besides if they aren’t willing to make your friendships stronger then maybe you don’t need them as friends.

Deb: That’s sounds too risky for me. I think I will just keep working out.

Alex: Well if you change your mind come find me. I think together we could build our friendship into something special.

(Alex walks back off stage left. Deb goes back to her exercise routine for a few moments, and then stops. She looks longingly over her shoulder toward where Alex walked off. Then she drops her books and runs off after Alex.)

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