Tue, April 20, 2021

Bag Minds

Biblical Basis: Matthew 23:37

Possible Points: Just like the Pharisees that Jesus was talking to, people in our churches today are one way on the outside and different on the outside.

Characters: Todd; Danny; Amos; Pastor; Sunday School Teacher; Jesus

Setting: Todd and Danny center stage Amos enters and greets them. Each boy has a bag with the words “Good Little Saved Boy” written on the front of it. (You may need to cut out a whole for the mouth so that the sound won’t get muffled)

Todd: Hey guys!

Amos: What’s going on?

Todd: Nothing much. just hanging around.

Danny: We were fixing to go over to the bar, (or local teen hangout such as the parking lot of Wal-Mart or some other less redneck hangout) want to join us?

Amos: Sounds cool.

Todd: We’re going to try to find a woman for Danny Boy here.  (all laugh except for Danny)

Danny: Oh man, here comes our pastor. He is heading straight for us! (quickly all three boys put their bags on their heads)

Pastor: Hello boys! How are you doing?

Todd: Hello sir, we are doing great!

Amos: Couldn’t be better.

Danny: I must say sir, I really enjoyed your message last Sunday. We all got a lot out of it.(all nod in agreement)

Pastor: Well thank you boys. It does my heart good to see ya’ll in church every Sunday. You are growing to be such godly men.

All: Thank you sir.

Pastor: Well, I need to be going. See you next Sunday. God bless.

All: You too, Good-bye. (pastor leaves and boys take off bags)

Todd: Man that was a close one

Danny: I know, I was afraid he was going to ask something about his message on Sunday. I slept all the way through it.

Todd: Me too. Best nap I’ve had in a while. (all laugh)

Todd: Hey Amos, you alright?

Amos: I’m fine.

Danny: You guys ready to go? I want to see if the new Playboy is out. (Todd and Danny both slap hands)

Amos: Is that all you two think about? (both look at each other)

Together: Yes

Danny: Man what is this? Here comes our Sunday School teacher.

Todd: We must be standing to close to the church or something (boys put back on their bags)

Teacher: Hello gentlemen. What are you up to?

Danny: Just standing around and talking.

Teacher: That’s nice. Have you boys been able to do your quiet time every morning this week like we were talking about last Sunday? (all three look away and pause.)

Teacher: Well? (all three give positive answer)

Teacher: That’s good. Keep up the good work, I’ll see you next Sunday.

All: Bye (teacher walks of and they take off the bags)

Todd: Man, what is up with this? Let’s go somewhere where we won’t run into anymore people from church.

Danny: Too late. Look…it’s Him. It’s Jesus.(all three get their bags back on as Jesus enters)

Jesus: Amos, Todd, Danny, look at me. (Amos slowly takes off his bags and falls to his knees in front of Jesus)

Amos: Oh Lord, I’m tired of this game. I want to have the happiness others have from you. I’m so covered with sin. Please forgive me. Save me…

Jesus: I have already saved you and I have always loved you. Take my hand and I will show you the way to live. I will never leave you.



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