Dear Mr. President

Possible Themes: This is a picture of some of the ways that people approach prayer. You can use this skit to stress God’s desire for relationship with us through prayer.

Characters: Narrator / Mrs. Jones; Housewife; Greedy; Unworthy, President; Little girl

Setting: Two chairs center stage. The president sits in one of them

Narrator: It was a beautiful spring morning and the President sat in his oval office too excited to sit still. You see this was his favorite day of the entire year. This was the day that he had personally invited all of the citizens of the country to come and talk with him. Nothing made him happier that getting a chance to talk with his people. He punched the intercom button and asked his secretary

Pres: Mrs. Jones is there anyone here to see me yet?

Mrs. Jones: Yes, there is a housewife out here who would like to see you.

Pres: (excited) well send her right in.

Housewife: (see walks in and recites her “prayer” without ever looking at the president. The entire time he tries to say something to her, but she never looks at him) thank you for the world so sweet. Thank you for the food we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you Lord for everything.

Pres: (disappointed, but looking forward to the next person) Mrs. Jones is there any one else

Mrs. Jones: Yes sir, I’ll send him right in

Greedy: (stomps in with his nose in the air) I want a new car, and not just any new car it has to be Ferrari fire engine read with all of the trimming. I also want a boat and some new clothes wouldn’t hurt. And while I am asking about stuff, this country is in bad shape. Let’s start with fixing all of the roads, and my neighborhood is really going to pot so if you could get some more police in there that will be great. (Just keeps griping and asking for stuff until he walks around the stage and back out the way he came)

Pres: (looking after the man in unbelief) Mrs. Jones is there any one else?

Mrs. Jones: Yes sir, here he is.

Unworthy: (comes in crawling on his belly) I’m not worthy. I’m a heel. I shouldn’t be allowed to breathe. I am so bad. No one else in the world is as bad as I am. (Etc. makes a loop on the stage and then crawls back off moaning the whole time)

Pres: (looking sad because no one will talk to him) Is there anyone else waiting for me?

Mrs. Jones No sir…well actually there is one person, but it is just a little girl

Pres: Well send her in

Mrs. Jones: But she’s just a little girl.

Pres: I don’t care, send her in

Little Girl: (walks in and sits down beside the president. She doesn’t say anything, but just looks at him)

Pres: Is there anything I can do for you?

Little Girl: Not really, I just wanted to say hello.

Pres: anything else?

Little Girl: Well… Um, I guess I want to say that I think you are doing a good job.

Pres: Can we talk (the two of them huddle in conversation as the narrator speaks)

Narrator: So the president was happy because he was finally able to talk to one of his people.

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