Lego Lies

This is a comedy skit about a guy who believes what his friends say about him. That belief makes his job more and more complicated. The success of this skit is based on Mike and his ability to make the audience laugh. He must be funny while at the same time believable. At the end he needs to honestly seem to struggle with giving up the opinions that his friends have about him.

Characters: Boss, Mike, Cathy, Greg, Anna

Set-Up: You will need a table or stool for Mike to place his Lego cars on. Place that with a couple of Lego car boxes center stage. The other props will be carried in by the actors. The skit opens with Mike and Boss onstage.

Props: Table; small Lego car boxes; at least one actually Lego car for Mike to try to put together; Backpack; Large heavy book; Swim mask; pair of pliers

Boss: Hey Mike! I’m so glad you came to see me today. I know you have been looking to find a way that you could help us out around here. I have just the job for you.

Mike: You have a job for me? Are you sure? I’m not really that good at anything, and I don’t want to mess things up.

Boss: Nonsense. I know exactly what you can do and I think that you are perfect for this job.

Mike: So what do I need to do?

Boss: At our toy drive this year we want to be able to pass out these cars to the kids. We need someone who can put them together, and I thought you would be perfect.

Mike: Wow! I love Legos, and I love cars. This is great! I can do this!

Boss: I thought you would like this job. I will be back in a little while to see how you are doing. Have fun!(exits)

Mike: (starts working on the cars, and sings a little song to ham it up to the audience) I’ve been working on my Legos all the live long day..(etc)

Cathy: (enters) Mike! How are you doing? I am so glad you came down here to work with us. What did the big guy give you to do?

Mike: I am putting these cars together?

Cathy: O really, (checks out the cars) are you sure you are up to this?

Mike: Yeah, I have been building things my whole life.

Cathy: Mike, um, you and I are friends right?

Mike: Yeah

Cathy: Well, then don’t take this the wrong way, but you aren’t the smartest person I know.

Mike: What do you mean by that?

Cathy: Well, you remember at the Christmas party last year when you were so excited about the blue “punch” you found in the bathroom until we told you that it was the toilet water?

Mike: Yeah, that was a little embarrassing

Cathay: and then do you remember how a little later you drank the green punch you found in there and we had to explain to you about how yellow and blue make green?

Mike: Yeah, that wasn’t a good night for me, but the boss said that I can do this job.

Cathy: Come on, Mike, you know that I know you better than anyone. Here, let me help you out. (pulls a huge book out of her backpack) My brother teaches a class on race car design. Here is the book for his next class. Now what you need to do is read this book and use it as a guide. It will help you.

Mike: It is a little big

Cathy: True, but you are a little air-headed, so you need lots of help.

Mike: (still looks a little doubtful) I guess that’s right.

Cathy: Come Mike, I’m just trying to help you out here.

Mike: I know, I am a moron sometimes. Thanks Cathy.

Cathy: Anytime Mike, (Cathy exits)

Mike: (tries to hold the book in one hand and put together the car with the other, it doesn’t work)

Greg: (enters) Hey Mike! I’m so glad you came down here to work with us, buddy; it will be great having you around

Mike: Thanks, Greg, I’m really excited.

Greg: So what are you doing?

Mike: Well, I am putting these cars together for the big toy drive.

Greg: (sounding a little dubious) Really? You?

Mike: What?

Greg: Are you sure you are the right guy for this job?

Mike: Well, the boss said so, and I know I am not that smart, but Cathy gave me this great book to help me out.

Greg: Did she? That was nice of her, but I wasn’t thinking about your brain power I was thinking about your muscle power.

Mike: My muscle power?

Greg: Yeah, you are pretty puny

Mike: but I am only trying to put together Legos I don’t need a whole lot of strength for that.

Greg: Now don’t go getting all offended, I am just your friend and I want to help you out here. But take a look at yourself. Listen I’m not judging you, but you are weak, that is all there is to it.

Mike: I guess you are right. What should I do?

Greg: Well, I just happen to be heading back to the tool department to replace these pliers they should be perfect to help you with these cars.

Mike: Thanks, man, I guess I had forgotten how weak I really am. Thanks for all your help.

Greg: Anytime, dude, that’s what friends are for. (exits)

Mike: (starts trying to put the Legos together with the book in one hand and the pliers in the other)

Anna: (enters and takes in his comical appearance) Mike, what in the world are you doing?

Mike: I just started working here today. The boss wants me to put these cars together for the big toy drive, but I’m not really smart enough or strong enough to do it. Cathy and Greg tried to help me out, but I am still not having much luck.

Anna: Well, I think I see your problem.

Mike: You do?

Anna: Yep, and it has to do with your eyes. You never have been able to see very well.

Mike: I have 20/20 vision

Anna: That is just doctor talk. Just because your eyes work doesn’t mean you can see well.

g>Mike: It doesn’t?

Anna: No, trust me, I know you. You and have been friends for a long time and no matter what the doctor says, you really can’t see well at all.

Mike: Well, now that you mention it I have been having hard time finding the blocks.

Anna: Exactly!

Mike: But what can I do? I really want to work here and help out.

Anna: I think I have a solution for you. (pulls a swim mask out of her pocket)

Mike: That’s a swim mask

Anna: I know I just finished cleaning out the fish tank.

Mike: How is that going to help you.

Anna: Because it isn’t just a mask, it is my prescription mask. I can’t wear contacts when I swim so this way I can see everything clearly.

Mike: So I should wear this (looks a little unsure)

Anna: Only if you want to keep working here.

Mike: I do, I really do, but I’m not so sure.

Anna: Listen, Mike, I’m just trying to be your friend here. You don’t have good eye sight and if you don’t wear this then you aren’t going to be able to finish your job.

Mike: Of course I want to keep working, and I know that you are my friend. Thanks, Anna, for setting me straight. (puts on mask) and here I thought I was seeing clearly all this time.

Anna: Hey that’s what friends are for. I have to get back to work! Bye! (exits)

Mike: (goes to work again. Really play up the fact that now he can’t really see a thing)

Boss: (enters) Mike?

Mike: (looking around) Who said that?

Boss: Mike?

Mike: (looking the wrong way) Yeah, what do you need?

Boss: (removes the mask from Mike) Mike, it’s me.

Mike: O hey, Boss, good to see you again.

Boss: What are you doing?

Mike: I’m trying to do what you told me to do

Boss: But what is all of this stuff?

Mike: Well, Cathy reminded me that I’m not that smart and Greg showed me that I’m not that strong, and Anna said that I didn’t have good eyes so I needed all of this stuff just to get the job done.

Boss: Mike, didn’t I tell you that you had you could do this job?

Mike: Yes

Boss: And don’t you think I would have given you whatever you needed to complete it?

Mike: Yes

Boss: Then why did you believe these other guys when they told you that you weren’t good enough?

Mike: I don’t know. ‘Cause their my friends I guess.

Boss: I can see what kind of friends that they are. Did any of this stuff work?

Mike: No, I think they just made things harder

Boss: And how do you feel about yourself?

Mike: Terrible

Boss: So do you want to give these things up and go back to just doing things on your own?

Mike: I don’t know.

Boss: I told you that you don’t need any of these things

Mike: I know, but they all said that I wasn’t good enough to do it your way

Boss: But I said you were.

Mike: I know, I know, but they are my friends, and well I’m probably just going to keep doing in their way because well you just never know I may not be good enough.

Boss: But I do know.

Mike: It’s ok, you don’t have to say that. I am going to keep trying it their way. They are my friends. They know me.

Boss: (very deliberately takes the book and the pliers from Mike and looks him in the eye and says) You don’t need any of this stuff. You are good enough on your own. Trust me. I know you better than they do.

Mike: Are you sure?

Boss: I wouldn’t ask you to do this if I wasn’t

Mike: OK, (starts to put the cars together) hey, this is better!

Boss: What did I tell you? Now, I am going to leave you here to work on this. DO NOT believe what anyone tells you if it is different from what I tell you. You are good enough. Don’t forget that.

Mike: OK, boss. (boss exits and Mike goes back to singing) I’ve been working on my Legos…

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