Useless Tools

Biblical Basis: Ephesians 4:11-12

Possible Points: Discipleship is the key! This skit focuses on the need for discipleship in our Churches today.


  • Bob
  • Frank
  • Mary
  • Su

Setting/Props: Setting is simple. Frank stands center stage the entire time, and the other players enter from the right and left to talk to him.

Bob: (hands Frank a toolbox. Throughout this opening lines Frank is smiling but trying to ask a question to Bob who doesn’t even notice. Frank gets slightly agitated, but keeps his good nature.) Well congratulations, Frank, I’m just so excited about your decision to become a carpenter. Well here’s your toolbox in it you will find the tools to help you build hundreds of exciting things. I want you to know that we have put your name in the Union files so you are officially a Carpenter now. I hope you have fun building things. Well I have to be going. Being a carpenter is a very busy job.

Frank rummages through the toolbox looking puzzled as he pulls out different tools.


Mary: Hey, hey bub! Are you a carpenter.

Frank: (sort of proud) Why yes, I am a carpenter

Mary: Good because I’ve got a table over her with a leg missing. My children, Lord bless them were runnin’ around the house and knocked it over. I know what you are saying, why are my kids runnin’ around the house well when you have ten of them it’s just hard to watch them all at once ya know. Hey, why aren’t you getting your stuff ready to come. Ain’t ya gona come and fix my table.

Frank: (embarrassed) Well I’d love to help, but I don’t know how to fix a table.

Mary: What you mean you can’t fix a table, you’re a carpenter ain’t ya.

Frank: Yes I am, but I don’t know how to fix anything.

Mary: Then who’s supposed to fix my table?

Frank: Oh you definitely need a carpenter, but just not me.

Mary: Well thanks a lot bub, thanks for nothing.

Franks stands there looking somewhat rejected, but brightens when Su enters.


Su: Hey! Hey you!

Frank: Me?

Su: Yes, you. You with the toolbox hurry over here and give us a hand.

Frank: Well what do you need?

Su: Well, we have a big hole in our roof, and it looks like it might rain. Right now my husband is up there trying to hold down a tarp and staple it over the hole, but now that we have a carpenter you can come and show us how to really fix it.

Frank: Well, I’d really love to come help, but I just don’t know how to fix a roof.

Su: Can’t fix a roof, well that’s basic. Didn’t you have to get some sort of carpenter training?

Frank: No! They just handed me a toolbox said you’re a carpenter now and sent me on my way. I don’t even know what half of these tools are, much less how to use them. I’m sorry, but I just can’t help you.

Su walks off in disgust. Frank sits the toolbox behind him faces front the freezes. Bob comes back on stage, and Frank unfreezes.


Bob: Frank, congratulations on becoming a Christian. I’m just so excited about your decision. Well here’s your bible. It’s just full of the tools that you will need to become a fruitful Christian. I’ve put your name on the church role so your journey to Christ is now officially accomplished. I hope you have fun out there helping people. You now have all of the tools. Well I have to go. Being a Christian is such a busy job. Bye.

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