Why God

Setting: All four actors line the stage from left to right. ONE is holding what is obviously a break up letter. TWO has a backpack. THREE can have a newspaper, or just be without anything. FOUR could be holding a Bible to be thrown down at the emotional climax, but it isn’t necessary. Actors are sitting or standing as they feel comfortable. FOUR will have to be able to stand for the dramatic moment

Staging: Each person will remain frozen until it is their turn to speak. After their turn they will bow their head and freeze again. After FOUR’s speech all actors will freeze until after the verses are read.

ONE: (she is upset and showing it. Don’t go too over the top with the emotions. Think of her as more sad than mad. Her questions should almost sound desperate) God, it’s me. I think you know me, or at least I hope you do. The thing is I was just wondering, if you are supposed to be this good God and all then why do all of these bad things keep happening to me? Why did you have to let him leave me? You know that I loved him. I gave him everything, everything God and now he walks off and leaves me. How could you let that happen? If you really are all powerful why won’t you make him love me again? Are you listening God? Can you answer me? I just gotta know know why God.

TWO: (he is just fed up with everything, not really mad, and not really upset just fed up and wondering when it all is going to end. His question at the end should be frustrated, but not yelling) Father, I don’t even know how to pray for this again. They are still laughing at me. Every day they find a new name, a new way to make me look stupid, a new way to make me feel small. Father, I try to walk after you so why do I have to suffer through this stuff? Why don’t you come down with power and make them shut up? Father, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I don’t know how many more times I can ask this. Won’t you tell me why, Father?

THREE: (he/she is in shock. Think about what you felt when you first heard about 9/11. It should be a mixture of bewilderment and pain. Don’t get too over the top or you will take the drama away from person FOUR. You may want to update this to a more recent world event such as the Tsunami in Southeast Asia or the Hurricane Katrina) Papa God, it seems like the whole world is turned upside down today. I haven’t been able to stop watching the news. All of those people, dead, and you didn’t do a thing to stop it. Did you just miss the planes as they were heading toward New York ? Did they just slip under your radar? Or do you just care about us so little that you wouldn’t help? Can you really still work in the world? God why don’t you do more? Why don’t you help more God will you ever answer our questions? Why God? Why?

FOUR: (This is the heart of the skit. The key is to start soft maybe even being upset then build to the climax. The climax must be huge. It must be a full on top of your lungs I hate you and want to beat you up yell. It might help if you look at the ceiling to help direct your comments to God.) I don’t even know why I am coming to you with this. You don’t seem to be able to help. It’s official. After weeks and weeks of fighting, mom and dad are getting a divorce. What a great time to break the news to me—right after I got home from church. Thanks for that God it really added something. God, why are you letting this happen? Can’t you show up and show out? Can’t you do something? (voice rising) God, why won’t you keep them together? Why does my life have to end up this way? (shouting now) Won’t you answer me? Won’t you just tell me why?

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