Sat, June 19, 2021

Worth Something

Spiritual Idea: This was used in a series we taught about feeling worthy. The idea is that there are several different ways that people try to cover up their feelings of unworthiness. This works well as a set up for a skit on how we get our worth from God.


  • Mega-Achiever
  • Under-Achiever
  • D0-Gooder
  • Give-Upper

Mega-Achiever: I am MEGA-ACHIEVER! Everything I do I do well. Of course except for a few things, but I try not to do those things. I practice every day for 4 hours a day. This is on top of my teams practice. Why do I do all of this you might ask? Well, because I have to be the best. If I slack off for even a moment someone else will come and take my place as the best. At night I have a hard time sleeping because I am always thinking about how I can be better. I don’t see how anyone can not strive as hard as I do to achieve. I mean without my achievements I’m not worth much of anything.

Under-Achiever: (quietly with head down, but still loud enough for the audience to hear) I am Under-Achiever. I have never been much good at anything. Not one thing in my whole life, so I don’t really try hard at anything. I just know I won’t be any good, and I don’t know if I can take another blow like that to my ego. I try to be cool and act like I don’t care about how well I do at school or about the fact that I can’t run very fast, but I do wish I was good at something. At night I lay in bed thinking about what my life would be like if I could actually do something. It would be great to know that I was actually worth something .

D0-Gooder: I am SUPER DO-GOODER! I am able to avoid alcohol with a single sniff of my nose and say no to sex with my sonic windpipe. Actually I focus all of my life on just doing good things. I don’t understand how people can live the way that they do. If I did some of the things that my friends do I would be so wracked with guilt that I couldn’t even breathe. Besides I really want God to like me and accept me, and I know that if I keep doing all of the right things He will. I’m doing every right thing that I know how to do, but sometimes when I am trying to sleep I still feel empty inside. Maybe it is because I’m not doing enough. I guess I’ll have to try to do more to be worthy for God.

Give-Upper : I am Give-Upper. I figured out a long time ago that I can’t be perfect so I don’t even try. I used to go to church and do all of that God stuff, but I couldn’t follow all of those rules so I decided that the best thing for me to do was just quit all together. If I avoid thinking about God I can normally keep the guilt away. Of course at night I still feel like there is more that I should be doing. I know I should try to do right things, but I tried that road already I failed. I’m not going to set myself up for that kind of a fall again, but I miss doing things that actually mattered. I wish I was worth something to someone, but I know I can never be good enough.

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