A Reading for Christmas

This simple reading for 4 parts can easily be adapted to fewer readers. It focuses on how God is pursing you and how Christmas shows to what length He is willing to go to reconcile you to Him. It is to be slowly in reverent almost whispered tones. You may want to consider adding a light finger picked guitar part as you read. We used this as the soundtrack for a movie that consisted of Christmas and cross scenes.

ONE: Before we had anything to offer him, before we lifted our voices in praise or our hands to His work, before we opened a bible or walked into a church building, in fact even before we were ever created God was pursuing us with his love.

TWO: We don’t deserve the Love of God. We are gossips and worriers, we are lazy and irritable, we are controlled by our lusts and our appetites. We search after every thing but God and turn our backs on Him at every turn, and he still comes after us, chasing us, pursuing us with His unending love.

THREE: His love was announced by a baby in a manger. His love was proven by his body on a cross. In this time, in this place, let us dwell on that love. Let us put aside thoughts of trees and presents and malls and meals and focus on God’s pursuing love.

FOUR: He is pursuing you right now. He knows you, knows your thoughts, and your actions. He is close to you, dwelling with you, delighting in you, and He loves you. Tonight is one more place that He is reminding you of that love. Tonight is one more place where God is reaching out to you and asking you to drink deep of Him and His love for you. No matter where you come from, no matter what is going on in your life, or who has let you down or abandoned you. God has sought you out, and brought you here to say, “I love you.”

2 thoughts on “A Reading for Christmas

  • Alex

    I love it! Excellent! It explains the true meaning of the Christmas story! I plan to use it, with your permission, in our Christmas cantata today.

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