I Am Blessed

This is a reader theater style reading for 3 readers. The success of this piece depends on the way that the readers deliver their lines. Most of the time they are saying basically the same thing, but their tone and attitude are what make the skit work.

Reader One is very excited and knows that he/she is blessed. Reader Two is struggling with the idea of being blessed by God even without material things. Reader Three knows that the Bible says he/she is blessed, but he/she doesn’t exactly believe it. Reader one is happy throughout the skit. Reader Two begins the skit somewhat confused and then becomes amazed at the blessings of God. Reader Three is always a little sarcastic and spiteful.

1. I am blessed!

2. I am blessed?

3. I am blessed.

1. I don’t have much money.

2. I don’t have much stuff

3. I don’t have anything.

1. But I am blessed!

2. But I am blessed?

3. (rolls eyes) But I am “blessed.”

1. God’s presence is always with me!

2. God is with me?

3. Yeah. God is with me. What good does that do me?

1. God has given me joy and peace and purpose!

2. God gives joy and peace and purpose?

3. (still very sarcastic) Does God ever give anything worth something?

1. Money and fame will fade away, but the gifts of God are forever

2. God’s gifts are forever?

3. Forget forever, I want a new car!

1. God’s blessings go deeper

2. (becoming amazed) Deeper?

3. What? Is God giving out submarines now?

1. God blesses my heart, my soul, my deepest parts.

2. (totally in awe now) God can bless my heart?

3. Having what I want have that will bless my heart.

1. Taste and see that the Lord is good

2. His blessings are really worth it?

3. pfwt, I don’t have to taste to know that God’s blessings are worthless

1. Taste and see that God’s blessings are better than you can imagine

2. (almost can’t believe that God would bless him/her in this way) God will give me these blessings?

3. I will stick with things I can see thank you

-short pause-

3. (very dismissive of the whole thing). I am blessed.

2. (very shocked yet happy. This question is one of awe) I am blessed?

1. I am blessed!

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