The Trial of Jack Pale

You have probably heard the old sermon line that asks if you were on trial for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you. This reading comes from a Dr. Seuss style story that I wrote on about a guy who is actually on trial for being a Christian. I thought it would make a good reading for two people so I broke it into parts. The format leaves a little to be desired, but I think you can use it. If you are using a male and female reader then the female should be “ONE” so that all of the “wife” lines will fall to her.

One: Open your mind and let’s make believe

That it’s some time in the future say two-0-fifty three

Two: And this country has changed as they tend to do

and being Christian’s illegal.

One: No Way.

Two: Yes it’s true.

The law passed one year with overwhelming approval

And all churches were scheduled for immediate removal

One: Now Christians are criminals in the eyes of the state,

And murder and worship now draw the same fate.

Two: But don’t worry the Christians haven’t all gone away,

They meet now in secret to this very day.

One: One group that met in a house in Glendale

Had a member that went by the name of Jack Pale.

Two: Now Jack was always there when they met together

He never would miss no matter the weather

One: One night when his church was quietly praying

From outside they heard a megaphone saying

Two: “FBI! Come on Out! You’re being arrested”

One: Some went out quiet while others protested

Two: But both groups soon ended up in the jail

And Jack’s wife was called to help him post bail

One: “A Christian,”

Two: she cried to the voice on the line

One: “There’s no way a Christian is a husband of mine”

Two: “But m’am he’s confessed; he claims that it’s real”

One: She said, “There’s no way and here is the deal

I don’t care what he says we’re going to court

And when I get there I’ll give a report

Of the life that he lives away from that place

How he lies and he cheats with a smile on his face.”

Two: So she got her a lawyer and they set a court date

One: And gathered the evidence, but Jack was irate

Two: “I’m a Christian,” he tried to explain to his wife.

One: “No you’re not,” she replied, “I have looked at your life

I have gathered your friends who will tell what you do

And the judge will see that a Christian’s not you.”

Two: So the strangest of trials that our town ever had

One: Was of a man who screamed “GUILTY!” with all that he had

Two: “I’m guilty,” he said, “and this isn’t funny

I go every week I even give money

I sing all the songs. I stand and I kneel

Now they try to tell me that this isn’t real

Just see what I do at that house in Glendale

Now I rest my case for that’s my whole tale”

One: “Exactly!” screamed the lawyer sitting by Jack Pale’s wife,

“But you’ve only talked about a part of your life

What happens when you’re not with the other church guys?

Do you act like a Christian or do you tell lies

Do you treat other people with fairness and grace

Or do you treat them unkindly and then lie to their face?”

Two: What happened next was a line for four days

Of people Jack’d wronged in various ways

One: “He cheats!” said his friend.

Two: “It’s true!” said another,

“Why I even saw him pull a scam on his mother.”

One: “His mother” cried the lawyer “you must be mistaken”

Two: But the friend had the proof of all the money he’d taken

One: Some others explained how course jokes were the norm

And one guy gave testimony of his room full of porn

The parade was relentless, ruthless, and complete

It even included an ignored bum from the street

Two: Ms. Pale’s lawyer rested after showing his proof

Jack was dejected his wife seemed aloof.

One: “Mr. Pale,” said the Judge, “I know this is odd

And your place as a Christian is between you and your God

But here in my court we judge people by facts

And is seems you don’t act like a real Christian acts

Two: “But I’m a Christian” said Jack standing up from his seat

One: “Sit down” said the judge, “This case is complete

You claim you’re a Christian but you come in this court

With nothing to sustain it and no evidence in support

You say you’re a Christian and that may be true

Both: But what shows you’re a Christian are the things that you do”

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