Will You Serve Me in Love

This is a series of 5 short monologues that depicts people who need to be loved by the church. The refrain “will you serve me in love” is a great discussion starter for what would service look like to each of these people. If you have the ability to use people whose ages match the part that would be nice, but it isn’t necessary.


I am a child living less than a mile from here. I am growing up pretty much on my own. Mom treats me like I’m a nuisance, and most people don’t even act like I exist. I need someone to look at me, to spend time with me. I need someone to love me for me. Will you play with me, hold me, tell me I matter? Will you serve me in love?


I am old now, or at least that is what you would say. I don’t feel old, but I guess I am. I used to have friends and my family used to come around, but now they are all gone. I am lonely. I feel like nothing I do matters. I have lived, I have learned. Will you listen to me, sit with me, learn from me, give me purpose? Will you serve me in love?


I am your friend, I think. We talk about everything but what really matters, what is in my heart. I am struggling right now, I need to know some answers. Will you tell me about this God thing? I see that you go to church, but you never really talk about it. Can God help me? Can you help me? Will you tell me, love me, stand by me, hold me accountable? Will you serve me in love?


I am your mother, your father, you brother, your sister. I am your family. I live with you everyday. I know more about you than anyone. Why have you pulled so far away from me? Why do you treat me as if I weren’t a real person? Will you respect me, live as Christ in front of me? Will you serve me in love?


I am your neighbor. You see me everyday, and we are polite. Always nodding heads or saying hellos. We smile and wave, but you don’t know me. You don’t know what I am going through, what is eating at my heart. I see you go to church each Sunday and I wonder if you will ever ask me to go. Will you reach out to me, minister to me, help me? Will you serve me in love?

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