Speaking of sountracks this movie has a great one. It also has a few really key moments that are vintage Cameron Crowe (the director). The phone conversation just works. Meredith and I both came away thinking about a few things that just could have been tweaked to make it a really great movie, but even with those flaws I would say it is worth watching. One word of caution: This isn’t a romantic comedy no matter what the previews would lead you to believe. It is good, but if you are looking for The Wedding Planner or something similar this isn’t your movie.

Also for all of my KY friends it is all about Louisville and E-Town so you may see some things that you recognize. It isn’t as cool as watching In Country (a Bruce Willis flop filmed in Mayfield for anyone not in the 500 or so people who watched it) but it is a better movie.

One thought on “Elizabethtown

  • November 9, 2005 at 6:58 PM

    If you liked that, shane, check out Garden State.


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