End of the Spear (Finally)

One thing that happens when you have a baby is that you never have 2 hours to sit down uninterrupted to watch a rented movie. If you have 2 uninterrupted hours you want to be (and should be) sleeping. So finally at a youth thing last night we got to watch End of the Spear.

I had heard people talking about how they wished there was more about the story of the Elliots and more about the actually missionary work so I was ready for that stuff to be sort of in the background. I was shocked to see that most of the movie wasn’t about the missionaries at all, but rather about the people they were ministering too. I have to say that I was blown away by the movie, mostly because it did so little preaching. It never tried to beat you over the head with the danger or the sacrifice of the missionaries. 

Of course that was one of the negatives for me too. I was in a room full of teenagers and few of them really grasped the level of dedication and sacrifice that was going on. I had to actually tell them to stop laughing in the death scene and when it was over one of the guys said, “I would have shot someone if they were coming after me with a spear.” Even after the whole movie they still didn’t understand why these guys were willing to give their lives.

(Maybe that speaks to part of why I am having such a hard time right now dealing with these students. So few of them are willing to sacrifice in order to help others, and that really is the heart of what I am preaching. But I was in the middle of a movie review sorry.) 

The movie was more violent than I imagined, and a whole lot more subtitled. But in the end I found it to be a positive look at a young man’s life. If you have been around church you have heard this story, but it was neat to see it from a different perspective and in such a dramatic fashion. The action wasn’t quite top shelf, but it wasn’t your typical Christian movie fair either. I think it would be a great movie to invite some non-Christian friends over to watch, not to start a huge lesson about, but just to raise some of cool issues.  

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