End of the Spear

Has anyone gone to see this movie yet? I am hoping that it is actually good and not just a halfway done "Christian" movie. I wanted to go this weekend, but as you know I have spent the day looking at the computer screen (2 screens actually) and my mind and eyes are very tired. Anyway, leave a comment if you have any thoughts on this movie

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  • January 23, 2006 at 4:00 AM

    I recieved this in an email from movieministry.com the other day. I hadn’t heard of it before this, but I’m quite interested in seeing the film.

    Imitators of Christ: Why You Need to See End of the Spear

    by Marc T. Newman, Ph.D.

    I can’t wait until the end of the article so I’ll just say it: End of the Spear portrays Christians in a better light than any other Hollywood film since Chariots of Fire. I have been following cinematic clergy for decades. They are usually window dressing — handy to have at a christening, wedding, or funeral, but otherwise disposable. Often they are anachronistic, troubled, demon-possessed or worse. There is the odd sympathetic portrayal, like Jeff Daniels’ Preacher in last year’s Because of Winn-Dixie, but none that captured the key characteristic present in the portrayal of Eric Liddell ­ Christ-likeness.

    End of the Spear dramatizes the true story of the Waodani, a fierce tribe living in the rainforests of Ecuador. Their culture of revenge spearings translated into a homicide rate of 60%. A missionary team, led by Nate Saint and Jim Elliot, are desperate to make contact with the tribe so that they can show the Waodani a better way of life in Christ before they drive themselves to extinction. After a friendly series of gift exchanges, the team decides to meet with the Waodani in person. What follows is probably one of the best-known stories of Christian sacrifice in the modern church. The Waodani slaughter the mission team on the beach, but the relatives of the slain men choose to continue their work, moving to the Waodani village to minister.

    The word Christian literally means "little Christ." Jesus commanded His disciples to take up their own crosses and follow in His steps. End of the Spear invites viewers to visualize the sacrificial lives of Christians. These missionaries are not Christ in disguise, as is Aslan, but Christ writ small enough for even the most jaded theater patron to recognize, sympathize, and connect. The consistency of their witness ­ in death and in life ­ shines a light into the darkened space of a cinema near you.

  • January 27, 2006 at 5:58 AM

    I have a follow up to the article you have posted here that directly addresses the Chad Allen controversy that is unfortunately swirling around this film. Feel free to take it from the MovieMinistry site at http://www.movieministry.com and post it if you see fit to do so. It is entitled: "Empathy for Sin, Sympathy for Sinners: Brokeback Mountain and the End of the Spear Controversy."


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