Endurance for Unity

Romans 15:1–6 (HCSB)

15 Now we who are strong have an obligation to bear the weaknesses of those without strength, and not to please ourselves. 2 Each one of us must please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. 3 For even the Messiah did not please Himself. On the contrary, as it is written, The insults of those who insult You have fallen on Me. 4 For whatever was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that we may have hope through endurance and through the encouragement from the Scriptures. 5 Now may the God who gives endurance and encouragement allow you to live in harmony with one another, according to the command of Christ Jesus, 6 so that you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ with a united mind and voice.

The God who gives endurance. Why do you need endurance? Because things are going to be rough as you try hard to not cause your brother to stumble. Paul says that each of us should be about pleasing our neighbor, but he knew that not everyone would do this so he prays that God would give endurance to those who try.

Unity isn’t easy. When we become Christians we don’t suddenly want to like everyone. We still want to have our way, to have our voice heard. We still want to be most important. Unity is work, hard work, so Paul prays for endurance.

As you are going through you day today remember that thousands of years ago Paul was praying for endurance for Christians and take comfort in that prayer. Also, maybe make that prayer part of your regular prayer for your group that God will give them the endurance to strive for unity.




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