Engaging Worship

0764428322.jpgAlright today is the day. The book that I wrote a couple of worship outlines (blueprints is what they are called in the book) came out today. It is pretty cool, but I haven’t gotten a chance to really look at it and look at all of the stuff from the other writers. The disk that I got didn’t have everything that the book claimed it had (one of my videos was missing even though it was in the blueprint) and they edited one of the movies I submitted (I hate not have final approval) but it looks like a really cool book. Meredith has been showing it off all day so I haven’t had much time to really dig in yet. Of course what will be really cool is when it comes out on store shelves. I think I will pee my pants the first time I can go to a shelf and pick up a book and see my name in it. I don’t remember what numbers the ones I wrote are, but they are: Tabernacle, Taste the Deep, Spoken Word Worship, Something about Face to Face with God’s holiness, and something about creation, (I don’t remember the names of those last 2 in case you can’t tell)

You can check it out and even order it at http://www.grouppublishing.com/prodinfo.asp?prodid=5002

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