Every Minute of the Day

The part of my job that I have the most problem with is remembering that I am a pastor pretty much every minute of the day, and as such the way that I act has a direct effect on the way that people perceive Christianity. I am not saying that I can be perfect, and sometimes the way that you can show people God is through how you handle failure. But most of the time when I am outside of this house I am representing more than just me. I am representing my church and ultimately my Savior.

Sometimes that gets a little stressful. From time to time I just have to get out of town so I don’t have to constantly be looking at faces for people I know. I cannot figure out how famous people can handle the pressures that they face. I am no where near that hounded and I feel like I need to watch what I am doing everywhere I go.

Of course the biggest place I have to watch myself is when I am with a bunch of teenagers just hanging out. If I am not careful I let my guard down and begin to say things that aren’t appropriate or I will find myself putting one of them down. Sometimes I must remind myself that I have a bigger mission than just hanging out with them. I have a deep desire for all of the students in Eufaula to meet God on a deep and personal level and the thing that keeps me from being a part of that happening is normally my big mouth.

On a personal note I would like for you to pray for a student that I am working with right now. (too many Eufaula people read this to get more specific). Pray that God will open His eyes and change his attitude about church and God.  

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