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My friend over at Confessions of a Human Being (he is my friend even though we are locked in a copyright dispute over his blatant “borrowing” of my subtitle) made an innocent post a few days ago about wanting to see the movie Expelled. Take a few moments to read it, the comments after it, and the 3 or 4 post that followed. It does have a decidedly Christian slant to it, but it is more about expanding the evolution conversation than saying that Expelled is the greatest movie ever or even that all evolutionists are idiots.

Almost immediately his site was hit with comments from people denouncing the movie and attacking his ideas. I doubt very seriously that these people were regular readers. In fact I am pretty sure they weren’t. So what does that mean? Were there people who were searching for comments about the movie specifically to get into comment wars about them?

And that is the fun of the internet. People can be trolls. 

What I was reminded of is that no matter how much I think that this blog is an ongoing conversation where people come and see my thoughts and my heart over time. It isn’t. It is one page that people find in a search engine and an internet full of trolls won’t read through them all to form an opinion it will react to what it sees and respond.

But back to the expelled thing. The vitriol of some people who are proponents of a non-intelligent design position is startling. These people get all worked up in a lather. It reminds me of Ross when Phoebe said she didn’t believe in evolution. It was like it was an insult to his soul, not just his ideas.

And so I was thinking maybe it is. I know that there are some Christians (actually too many Christians) who get all worked up when Christianity is attacked. They attack back and lose all rational means of communicating. In my opinion God is big enough to handle himself. I don’t have to be worried when people attack him because He isn’t going to go anywhere. One person’s opinion (or a whole countries opinion for that matter) on God isn’t going to change who He is so questions about Him aren’t the end of the world.

People who get into fights on the internet just make me shake my head. I just don’t think it is a forum that will ever cause anyone to change their mind.  

One thought on “Expelled Movie Hoopla

  • April 18, 2008 at 4:21 PM

    I wholeheartedly agree. it was a difficult task at times to remain civil. debates online are completely lame in my opinion. discussion, sure, it is what the follow-up posts were designed to foster, but there are too many people looking to have closed-minded arguments instead of a real dialogue. on both sides of the coin
    there were many readers who checked the posts out simply because of the topic, not because they are regular readers. Though I have since found out that i have at least one self-proclaimed atheist who subscribes to my feed, which i find interesting in light of the subject matter. perhaps being civil is worth the extra time/energy/ulcers?


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