Experiential Worship Ideas

Here is a simple journaling exercise that you can add to any worship gathering to add some an experiential element. It can be used with any size group with as little pre-work as getting pens and paper for everyone.

Alphabet Praise
On a half-sheet of letter paper print the alphabet down the left side of the page. Print 13 letters on the front and 13 on the back.
and so on.
Before your meeting make sure that everyone has a sheet and a pen. Instruct worshipers to come up with a word or a sentence of praise to God for each letter of the alphabet. I like to say, "Complete this statement "God I praise you for…" for each letter of the alphabet" Then play some soft music and give worshipers time to complete their praise lists.
     If you have time, you can add another element to this worship experience by asking worshipers to share their lists with one or two people sitting around them.
     You can also make this a corporate worship activity by getting worshipers in groups of 3 or 4 and having the groups complete the activity.

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