Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study Series

UPDATE: Check out to purchase the complete Bible study.

I know many people have been asking for the outline of Friendship Faithcraft. I have been meaning to make it one of my complete series for a while now, but I can’t seem to find the time. So in the interim here are my notes and a few files that should help you get started. It isn’t the pick up and go option that I would like, but it may help some of you in your plans this summer. If you have any questions let me know.

Please see the link above to purchase Faithcraft. I will get these links working again after I fix our virus issues.

Faithcraft Week 1 Wise and Foolish Builders

Faithcraft Week 2 Nehemiah

Faithcraft Week 3 Naaman and Elisha

Faithcraft Week 4 hole in the roof


Faithcraft Main Screen

Faithcraft Week 2 Video (Notes for Week Two Coming Soon)

Faithcraft Intro Video

Faithcraft Week 1 Devotion 1 (There will be 3 of these for each Faithcraft week)

Faithcraft Nehemiah Video

Lego Stop Motion Ship

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22 thoughts on “Faithcraft: A Minecraft Bible Study Series

  1. Matt McFatridge says:

    While looking through this series, I see that it is based off a very modern theme of Minecraft. Most youth these days at least know of it, if not play it. I think it is a very well put together series that would work well for our youth group. I do have a question however. In week 2, you say to tell a story of a young boy who isn’t worried about his dad being late, because he always shows up. Could you explain the story for me, please? It would be good to know, even if I don’t end up using it in the end.

  2. nailscars says:

    I used this as a children’s ministry series. I haven’t tried it yet with youth.

    I honestly don’t remember what exactly I told there. I think it was a simple walk through of a story like this:

    Imagine if you would that school is over. All of the kids have either gotten on the bus or have been picked up by their parents. All of the kids, that is, except for Tim. Tim was a 2nd grader who normally rode home with his dad. Ever since Kindergarten Tim’s dad had picked him up after school, but today after everyone else was gone Tim was still waiting.

    The teachers were worried. They looked at Tim and asked him if he was OK. They made frantic calls trying to find out if someone is coming. His teacher walks up to him and puts her arm around his shoulder and says. Don’t worry Tim it will be OK.

    “I’m not worried” Tim said
    “You’re not?” asked his teacher.
    “No,” said Tim, “My dad will come. He has come every day before and I know he will come today.”

    That is the faith that we have to have when we wait on God. He has shown up before so we trust that he will show up now.

  3. Cory says:

    Thank you so much for this. I lead our church’s children’s ministry and my kids will LOVE this so much.

  4. nailscars says:

    If you can hold off for a couple of months the Faithcraft Bible Study should be a reality. I am doing it again at church and planning to write it up all pretty like for the site while I do it.

  5. Cece says:

    Oh, my goodness!! So excited to have found this. I can’t wait to show my son who is a Minecraft enthusiast :)

  6. nailscars says:

    The first week of devotions is up. Check out the link above.

  7. Katie Larson says:

    I work with an after school Christian club, and I am the lesson writer for our club. We have about 200 kiddos each week in grades K-5. I came upon your website after googling “Minecraft bible studies,” wanting to do a Minecraft unit with our club :). I love your resources, and I have already finished the first week’s lesson for our club, using some of your videos/graphics/ideas, etc. I would love to email it to you, if you’d like it. We will watch your intro video at the beginning of the lesson and then veer off from there– I use the rest of the lesson time to tell the plan of salvation through the “colors of faith” and relate them all back to Minecraft. We are also playing “Creeper Tag” where the kids have to collect blocks from each faith color without getting tagged by a creeper :). I’ve entered my email in the private info section, if you’d like to email me and request the lesson and materials that go with it. Thanks for all the work you’ve put in! Making Minecraft videos is out of my league right now, so it’s great to be able to use yours for our kiddos, and you have some great lesson ideas and outlines, too, which I’m sure will come in handy as I work on the next few weeks of the unit!

  8. Katie Larson says:

    I wanted to update you from my last comment. We presented the first Faithcraft lesson that I wrote (presenting the gospel with the colors of faith– Minecraft style, of course), using your intro video and some of your ideas, to the kids at our after school club yesterday. We had 17 kids accept Christ yesterday!! Thank you for your ideas, videos and graphics. They truly made a difference. I would love to email you copies of the Faithcraft lessons I’ve written. My email address is Shoot me an email, and I will send the lessons to you.

  9. Elizabeth Bjorlo says:

    Just found this….I am leading a small group based on this idea! Wow thank you so much for sharing the work you have done. It will be a huge blessing to the kids that I am leading.

  10. Natasha says:

    My son aged 6 didn’t take his eyes off the screen. I’m very impressed.

  11. Ellen Kent says:

    Hello, I would like to use some of your ideas for this bible study, including the name “Faithcraft” and wanted to make sure I was not violating any copyrights.

    1. nailscars says:

      If you are publishing material from here for profit then yes you are violating copyright rules. But everything on the site is released under the creative commons agreement that says you can use it and modify it however you like as long as you aren’t selling the information. If you need further clarification please email me at

  12. Barrie anne says:

    Can we get week 3 and week 4 videos?

  13. Anne says:

    It would be so lovely if you finished this set. I’m sure your busy like we all are, but it would be really awesome! I’ve got a class full of minecraft-addicts….

    1. nailscars says:

      I am working on pulling the things together again, but honestly I have other work that pulls me away. What I was wondering is if there is enough interested maybe in doing a kickstarter of sorts for this Bible study. Would people be interested in paying say $20 for the six lessons? Would backers who paid money to get this finally written be upset if it was later offered on the site for free?

      Just looking to see what sort of interest is really still out there before I do a full dive back into this.

      1. Katie Larson says:

        I’m not sure if you’ve seen my other messages, but I help run an after school Christian club for around 200 elementary age students. I went ahead and built on your videos and lesson ideas and have a completely finished 4 week unit. If you are interested in seeing it, please email me at I would love to share with you what I’ve done, and I am not opposed to you offering it here on your site. We taught it last Spring, and the kids loved it. We are planning on expanding our club to another school this Spring, and we will be teaching it again. I give you credit in each lesson for the videos and some of your ideas I used.

        1. Hi Katie,
          I sent you an email.
          :) Amy

      2. bryan hall says:

        I for one, would be happy to pay for complete lessons. I think you do a wonderful job, and I don’t mind at all. Also, it would not bother me to see a lesson previously purchased for free. After a certain time, I think that’s perfectly acceptable.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Hii I have been searching for christians who use minecraft as I would like to know what people’s experiences are of children who play minecraft and visit the ‘nether’ regions. do the children make any comparisons with hell? Is is a good idea to play a game which has this space with images that some might associate with Hell that you can ‘play’ at, enter and leave at will and within which you can ‘protect yourself’. I would be really interested in other’s experiences.

  15. nailscars says:

    Faithcraft the Minecraft Bible Study is finally here! If you have been following for a while you know it has been a long time coming. You can check out the new Faithcraft Bible study here

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