Family Prayer Time Ideas

Most Parents who are part of a church know that they should spend more time in prayer with their children. The problem is that these family devotion times can become very formulaic and can even get overlooked when our schedules become too full. Here are a few ideas to add some creativity to your family prayer times.

Prayer Flash Cards:

The idea

Create flash cards as visual reminders of who your family is praying for. Your small children can use those cards as a reference on who to pray for.

Before you start

  • Gather together pictures of family members, friends, and church leaders (especially your child’s Sunday school teacher)
  • Create a set of flash cards using the pictures.
  • If you glue the pictures onto construction paper or large index cards you can have room to write requests beneath the picture.

How it works

Use your deck of cards to guide your time of prayer. There are several ways that you can do this. The basic way to pray would be to turn over each card and then pray as a family for the person who is on the card. You can also pass out the cards face down to each person in your family and then take turns turning a card over and praying for the person on the card.


Prayer Letters:

The idea

Write down a prayer that you have for someone else in your family and then let them read it.

Before you start

Gather pens and half sheets of paper (because whole sheets can be intimidating) for each person in your family.

How it works:

  • Sit everyone in your family in a circle.
  • Have each person write a prayer about the person sitting on their left. If you have never journaled a prayer before encourage your children to write down what they would say to God if they were praying for their person.
  • Play some soft music while people are writing their prayers.
  • After everyone has finished pass your prayer to who it was about.
  • Have the subject of the prayer read it aloud.


Puzzle Prayers:

The idea:

God has given us each a special gift to use in the church. This prayer uses a puzzle to pray for the people who are in our church.

Before you start:

Find a wooden puzzle or other toy that requires the matching of shapes. (Like a toy with square, triangle, and star shaped holes)

How it works:

  • Put the puzzle together with your child.
  • As you do point out that God made everyone different and special.
  • Tell your child that the church has many different people with different talents all coming together to glorify God.
  • As you put in the pieces of the puzzle pray for our church and its leaders. Be sure to include your child’s Sunday school teacher in your prayers.
  • After you have prayed undo the puzzle and start putting them back in again. This time encourage your child to pray a prayer similar to the one that you prayed.

One thought on “Family Prayer Time Ideas

  • December 27, 2014 at 7:56 PM

    Thank you! I just checked out your web site for the first time and briefed through some of the highlights of what your site offers and also read some of your tips re: prayer & tips on praying as a family. I really appreciate this insight! We all need to grow and become stronger in the area of Bible reading and prayer. I so-o excited about implementing some of your suggestions!


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