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I realized today that one of the things that I could do to help Nailscars.com be a better place for youth ministers would be to actually fix the things that are here so that they are useable. That probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon since most of my extra time is putting together ideas in hopes of getting freelance work. I would love to put all of that time towards this site, but this actually costs much more money than it generates.

But I did have one idea than I can use. I want to start up a youth ministry links sidebar. I have a couple of youth minister blogs that I frequent, but I am sure that there are some of you out there who read more than me. So drop me a comment with the link to a youth ministry site that you find interesting and I will check it out and compile the list some time within the next year. (I would like to assume it would be sooner, but come on you guys know me by now) 

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