Finally Time for Goodbyes

It has been 4 months since I resigned (was fired) from my old church. In all of that time I knew that it would eventually be time to say goodbye to this town and all of these people. When people asked us about leaving I would always say that we would have a big party to say bye before it was time for us to go.

Well, now the party is tomorrow and I can’t believe that goodbyes are actually here. When it was all something in the future it was easy to ignore. As we talked with this new church and met with them it was easy to be excited about new opportunities, new relationships, and new experiences. Now, with a weeks worth of packing and a forced happy goodbye party looming it isn’t so easy to see anything other than the leaving.

I know that leaving is part of ministry. All through the new testament people were coming and going, leaving and writing letters and trying stay in touch. I know that God has plans for our family away from this place and that He has plans for others to minister here. But that doesn’t make the leaving any less difficult.

The next week looks to be a weird mix of packing (and more packing) making the rounds and saying bye and getting ready for a great new opportunity. Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a roller coaster of emotions waiting to happen at all.

One thought on “Finally Time for Goodbyes

  • August 17, 2011 at 8:15 PM

    New places, new beginnings, new adventures, new grace. Something to be envious of. Just keep all the old pictures. As long as you don’t forget the memories, you’ll carry the old life with you. Celebrate what’s past and what’s ahead but live in today.

    And don’t mind the roller coasters. They make life fun.


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