Find Me!

Nathan has a new favorite game when Meredith and I are both home. We will be sitting playing and suddenly he will cover his eyes and start counting to 10. That is our cue to go and hide. He likes that part, likes the counting and the finding of us. But his favorite part is the hiding.

Here is how it normally works. One of us (Meredith or me) will start counting and the other of us will go off with Nathan to hide. Now in our house there aren’t many places where big people can hide, much less where big people with a child can hide so we do the best that we can. But of course it doesn’t really matter anyway. If I am counting as soon as Meredith and Nathan are in their hiding spot I hear him say “Daddy! Find Me!” and then a cacophony of giggles. These giggles build until I get to “Ready or not hear I come.”  Then I go looking for my wife and son. By this time the giggles are joined by my wife’s frantic whispers to be quiet. Once I enter the room that they are hiding in the whispers and the giggles are joined by sounds of struggle as Meredith physically tries to hold him in the hiding place. I rarely works and before I can even act like I am looking somewhere else Nathan barrels out of his hiding place in a fit of laughter.

For Nathan the hiding isn’t the fun part. For him, what is most important is the finding.

I heard Louie Giglio use this analogy one time. He said that we are like children playing hide and seek with God. We want to hide from him. We want to be independent and on our own and the “gods” of our own life. But everything inside of us wants to be found by him. We want so desperately for him to come and seek for us and find us. So our hearts are crying out, “DADDY! COME FIND ME!” as we continue to hide knowing that what we need most is for the God of the universe to care enough to come and look for us.

And here is the crazy thing: He does. He leaves the 99 and comes in search of us. God comes and finds us. What an amazing thought.  

One thought on “Find Me!

  • June 5, 2008 at 1:51 AM

    I love how you all are actually getting into the game and trying to really hide from each other.


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