First Days

I have officially started my new job. I am a youth and children’s minister and it is so nice to get back to being a minister. I didn’t really know how much I had missed it.

I am more than a little overwhelmed feeling. There is so much that needs to be done, so many meetings to have, and over all of it I have this deep feeling of needing to prove myself. But I know that tomorrow night, after I figure out the sound system and get the screens working and set the chairs up the way that I want them to be set and get all of those small things fixed I will finally be able to teach these students and I know that is what makes me come alive. It is what I was created to do.

So sure things are a little hectic (I keep telling myself it is only my first week) but I am more excited than words. This church has some good leaders, a great heart, and a passion for reaching out into their community. It is going to be fun serving God here if I can make it through this first week.

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