First Post Baby Youth Event

We had a late night event last night where we stayed after church to play games and such. It was your typical youth group event, but for me it was a little different. It marked the first time that I would stay away from Nathan for that long. It also meant that I would miss “bed time” (which is funny because he pretty much sleeps when he wants, but the time where he made his transition from clothes to PJ’s) so I had to read him his “goodnight” book at 4:00.

Everything just takes more time with a baby around so everything seems to be a little harder. I am hoping I find a rhythm soon, but right now it doesn’t really feel like I can. Of course the big problem last night was that Meredith couldn’t come and help me out. She is always with me as sort of my defacto chaperone and without her there I felt a little lost. I don’t think I am going to be able to handle 2 youth trips without her! 

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