Flood: Distortions

So I sat down at a little after 10:00 to start writing this blog entry about my lesson tonight, but I made the mistake of putting in a "Sports Night" DVD before I sat down. So I was sucked into watching several episodes before I finally had the will power to turn it off. I have been rationing the episodes since Christmas so that I can prolong my enjoyment of them, but if I have a couple more of these marathon sessions it will all be over. I feel like Sports Night is my own little private show that only I watch and know about. I almost always watch it late at night and I am smiling and laughing and sighing all alone which is always strange. (why does laughing when you are alone feel so weird) It has been said before, but it must be said again: Why in the world did ABC cancel such a wonderful show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now on to something that you actually care about, well maybe not, but on to what I really logged on to say. I went through my first Flood lesson tonight. It was actually very good. The main video was the best I have seen for a video driven curriculum. You know how most of these video lessons are some dude standing outside talking while "hip" music is playing and the shot keeps getting flipped or chopped up, and there are all of these cool little editing things. Well, this had an opening interview video that was exactly that, but the main video was actually powerful and worshipful. It used the metaphor of a dancing instructor to explain how we misinterpret God. I have to admit that I was drawn into it.

The lesson overall was good, if a little sparse. Flood is not the curriculum to pick up if you have a large group and are looking for more of a sermon type lesson. It is almost all questions which works well with a group under 40, but larger than that and things start to get more difficult. I also don’t really like the student sheets which you can download. For one thing there are like 8 of them, and they waste a ton of space. They are basically just the teacher book without the teacher tips. Instead of using them I just made some of my own.

The only other thing is that the lesson tonight was long. I had to cut a large chunk out of the middle to get it to fit in our time frame. If you have a time of singing then get ready to chop these things up.

But all in all I really liked the stuff. My students responded to the videos and many more people that usual were engaged in the questions. Overall it was a fun night. 

Speaking of "fun" nights. I really believe that from time to time God throws those in so that we as youth ministers will keep working. It is cool to think of God doing the little things that help me to make it through another week, and one of those little things is having a lesson where things just sort of click. Tonight was one of those "click" lessons.  

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