Flowers, Keys, and God’s Love

I talked on love tonight at church. The main thrust of the message was that people setting too much for romantic love when real love–God’s Love–is what they want. Very early on in planning I decided to give the girls a rose and talk about how God created it just for them.

The problem came when I was looking for something to give to the guys. I mean what can you give a guy that carries the same amount of weight that a rose does for girls? I had given them plastic swords before, but I didn’t want to do that again. What I finally came up with was a key (see below for my notes on the key and the rose). I collected a bunch of unused keys (why do churches tend to have piles of these) and painted them red. Then I placed them on a key-ring. Actually Chris put them on key-rings for me. That boy has one of the greatest servant hearts I have ever seen.

In the end it worked out to be a pretty good object lesson. I had my guitar guy play some soft music turned the lights down low and lit a candle while I talked about each gift. I put the notes here in case you want to use something similar.

  • Guys I have something for you that may not seem like much, but that I believe is very special
  • My adults are going around handing you a key. I want you to hold this key in your hand as I talk to you.
  • (You may want to share a personal story here about a key you received that was special: The first time your parents trusted you with a house key, the key to the office at your first job, your first car key, etc.)
  • So many of you are searching for love in relationships because you want to feel like you are important and that you are a man.
  • You chase after lust because it makes you feel like you matter, if only for a little while.
  • God is speaking to you tonight and he is saying that you matter. His love is in this place saying that you are valuable.
  • And not only that God wants to invite you to his work. God wants us to step up and take charge.
  • When you give someone a key it means that you trust them with what you feel is valuable.
  • God is saying to you that He has placed into your hands what he feels is valuable.
  • God has placed in your hands his message of love for all peoples and is trusting you to share it.
  • God is also trusting you with his most precious creation–the ladies that you come in contact with.
  • He is trusting you with his most precious gift.
  • He is also saying that He believes you have the ability to take charge and change the world.
  • God’s love is inviting you to make a difference.

  • For the girls tonight I have a slightly different gift.
  • (pass out the roses)
  • There is nothing quite like getting a rose, it is romantic in its truest sense.
  • When a guy buys you roses it says something to your heart.
  • But tonight I want you to hear this very clearly. GOD didn’t buy roses for you, He CREATED roses for you.
  • Think of this: When the rose you have in your hand was planted God knew that it would be here right now. He nurtured this rose and watched it grow knowing that it was coming to you.
  • God is calling to your heart with his love and he is brokenhearted by how you continue to chase after loves that can never satisfy.
  • God is holding out unconditional love to you and yet you continue to chase after loves that will leave you cold and broken.
  • Turn your heart to him. Know that he loves you beyond all things.
  • This rose that you are holding is beautiful and he created it for you, but you are even more beautiful than that. You are the pinnacle of God’s creation. You are worthy of love
  • Turn to God and seek it out.

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