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Tonight was the last of our Friday Night Connection meetings before we break for the summer. It was a good worship time, and rather well attended. There were a couple of things that I was thinking. It is amazing how much “station worship” has become a part of what we do. It isn’t radical anymore and it doesn’t really take all that much explaining. It sure doesn’t blow anyone’s mind. Part of me thinks that is cool. I love the fact that my students are cool with all sorts of worship. They aren’t afraid to express themselves with clay or markers. It is like they have found a new language for expressing their hearts to God. At the same time I feel like it has gotten a bit stale. Maybe that is because I am feeling left out of the worship. When you set everything up it is hard to be in the moment. I don’t know if the future of our worship will be special times where all we do is station type worship. I would like to incorporate some of those elements (drawing, journaling, etc.) into our regular times of worship. I do that some, but not enough.

The other thing that I noticed tonight is that we have 2 very distinct groups of people in our youth group, and no matter what I try they just won’t blend. I kept trying to play games that involved the mingled groups, but they would always clump off among themselves. I think I am going to tie people of different cliques together when they walk in the door and make them interact that way.

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