Forced Feeding

Alright so Meredith is breast feeding which is a really remarkable and beautiful thing. I am fascinated by the whole process, but most of the time I feel like a 4 year old trying to help his dad fix the car. (“Is there anything I can do? Is there anything I can do” Is there anything I can do?) And my main job is just handing her the kid and the tools. But that isn’t the lesson.

Nathan hasn’t quite put the food delivery mechanism together with the food that comes out of it yet so he sometimes fights when she tries to feed him. I’m not talking just a little bit of fussing, but a head turning red all out scream. It can be a little hard to watch and listen to. But Meredith is patient with him and talks to him and before long he realizes what she is doing and suddenly is at his happiest.

It amazes me how much this mirrors my walk with God. There are many times when I find myself mad and fighting against what is happening. I find myself yelling and God and wondering why things have to be the way that they are. And then, sometimes suddenly, but often gradually I begin to notice that the path that I am walking may not be the one that I would have chosen, but it is the right one. I can honestly say that there are many times when I have fought against what God was trying to get me to do only to find that when I surrender to who what He is saying I find real joy and peace.  

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