Friday Night Connection

Tonight was our February FNC. I have to say that I am really liking the extra worship gatherings that we have better than our every week ones. Maybe we should just get rid of the mid week ones and only do the 2 special ones. Alright that probably isn’t going to happen, but it would be fun.

Tonight we talked about God’s love for us. It was the longest of the FNCs to date. A big part of that was the 12 minute sacred reading that we did. I was finger picking a little melody on the guitar while that was going on and I thought my hand was going to fall off. By the time I finished planning for the night my left hand was numb. It was all God that I was able to finish.

Anyway, the whole evening worked out as worship. There were over 40 students there and several whom I had never met. We set up a cross (check out Love Worship for a look at the whole gathering) with words that people might say against you (ugly, stupid, worthless, etc.) on one side and words that are true about you because of the cross on the other side. It was amazing to see people in tears at the foot of the cross. One guy took off his spike rings (a symbol to him of the bad parts of his life) and left them there at the foot of the cross. It was really amazing.

I am always blown away at how God works. It isn’t always the same people responding, and no two people respond in the same way. On top of that in spite of all that I seem to do to mess things up God comes through and speaks to people’s hearts. In our culture we so rarely slow down that when we do God sometimes breaks through in a big way.

It is also really cool to see the students take some leadership in our worship times. I think they are starting to see some of the results of their efforts and to understand what it takes to design worship gatherings.

All in all God is good.

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