Game Night: Choosing the Players

Pastor C. asked a question about game night with his students. His first question of how to decide who comes and who doesn’t is one that plagues me on a regular basis. Here are a few options that I have used.

1) Visitors/non-church kids get priority.

2) Try to make sure that you spend some time with everyone. This is where it gets hard, and there is no hard and fast rule for making this work.

3) Reward those people who come to events or to church when few other people are there. For instance if only a handful of students are showing up to help with your outreach project then ask those students to come over and play games the next night. That way you invited everyone who was there and the people who are left out have no reason to complain because if they were there they would have been invite too.

4) I have a small group of students who actually check out website on a regular basis, but I always tell them that there are web only contests and events if they will go look. We have had website only game nights before where everyone only learned about it through the website.

5) Have a large group game night at your church where lots of games are played. Then choose games from that night to play at your house (one or two per week) a have students sign up for what game they want to come and play.


All of Pastor C’s ideas where good too (you can check them out here) these are just a few more that I thought of. Let me say this, you should never feel guilty for spending time with a handful of students. That is where ministry happen. Jesus had crowds following him but he chose 12 to spend his life with and from that 12 he chose 3 to be his closest disciples.

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