Game Time!

How many times do I have to be reminded of the same things. Here is a truth that all youth pastors need to just get tattooed on their hands. “PLAY GAMES!”

There are times that I get sort of addicted to my own voice I think because I forget how much a simple game like “I never” or a screen trivia game helps draw students attention. It makes a real difference in the attention of students in the rest of the lesson. I don’t know why I forget this, but games just add to the excitement and anticipation level.

Which is cool because over the next 5 weeks we are having a competition between our small groups (prize free pizza at school). Part of that will be 2 games every session. We will still have important Bible truths, but we will just have them with a nice helping of laughter.  

One thought on “Game Time!

  • October 5, 2007 at 2:49 PM

    I love games because I’ve found that there’s no better way to tear down defenses than to play together. I always try to get teams assembled with teens who normally don’t hang out together, so they have to rely on one another.

    I love the idea of small groups competitions over a period of time! Cool!


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